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Did you get my reply? Cuz I got a bounce from a guy in Australia....

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Another very interesting online reference is the Wikipedia:
the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit. (also available in a number of
other languages)

A Wiki is a web site that is collaboratively created online.

There is a very small section about photographic printing processes here:

I noticed that there was no reference to this lists archive so I added a
link. Looked at the cyanotype section, noticed a reference to Mike Ware's
cyanotype book, but nothing about his web site, or the new cyanotype. So
I added links to these.

Added a link to the Gutenberg Daguerreotype article in the Daguerreotype

Turns out it is fairly simple to edit a page.
How to edit a Wiki Page:

There are empty pages on gum printing and carbon printing waiting for some
knowledgeable person to add some content :)

Other processes not even listed :(!

The Wikipedia FAQ is here

If anyone feels like contributing please do so :)


There some Wikibooks on Camera Basics, and digital photography, but
nothing on alt photo :(


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