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Here's the formula I use:
(Note: distilled water is used throughout to mix all stock solutions.)

1) mix 50ml of 1% thiourea solution into 10ml of 5% gold chloride
solution and mix thoroughly
2) add 1/10 tsp of tartaric acid to 150ml of distilled water until
dissolved completely
3) add the gold/thiourea solution to the tartaric acid solution and mix
4) add 3 tsp sodium chloride to the mixed solution until dissolved
5) using distilled water bring the total volume to 1 liter

I believe this formula is actually "Clerc's Gold Toner." I originally
used it years ago (source forgotten), changed the total volume mixed,
and converted the dry chemical weights into teaspoon measurements for
convenience. I believe Wynn White's VDB article on
gives the same formula using grams and a different overall volumetric

Wynn's article is a very good reference BTW and has some superb image

Pronounced toning occurs within a couple minutes with a fresh solution
and when it takes more than 7 minutes or so I usually mix a fresh batch.
 I've never checked the capacity, but it lasts a much longer time than
the oft recommended borax/gold toners, and I like the color much better
especially on ecru paper.


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  Hello Joe,
  What is the Thiorea formula- I keep hearing about it... PS: I use
stationery too and didn't realize you could buy the heavier weight
the watermark... I use the paper for Ziatypes and Cyanotypes...
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> I'm partial to Cranes' Kid Finish ecru with thiourea+gold-toned VDB.
> The result is sort of a purplish-brown on cream. I think it very
> The only problem is the ubiquitous watermark.
> Joe
> >>> 03/22/05 7:49 AM >>>
> I have been using Arches Aquarelle for my Van Dykes for a while and
> that I
> am really not getting the contrast and quality that I should be
> Can
> anyone suggest to me the paper that you use that gives you the best
> results?
> Thank -
> george
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