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Date: 03/23/05-05:27:37 AM Z
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>How's the quality?

Dudley Harris, the person behind, sent me a copy of
the first book off the presses. It's a book of his own photographs and
the quality is what you'd call high in the four-color offset world. The
dust jacket was also done well.

One of the ways he keeps costs down is avoiding a press proof. You do get
a highly accurate inkjet proof of one of your images. Needless to say,
it's important that you prepare your images with an accurately calibrated
monitor and such. He does provide a good tutorial that illustrates the
limitations of four-color printing so you're less likely to freak-out
when that favorite photo of your neon tetra fish comes back looking a bit

For anyone trying to decide if they want to go this book route, you can
purchase a copy of his book at the site. This isn't a scam to sell books;
he simply can't give away hardcover books to everyone interested.

And no, though I did help Dudley with some of the logistics in this
project, I don't make a dime off sales.

Hope this helps.

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