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Date: 03/22/05-09:55:23 AM Z
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Jack Fulton wrote:
> Hey, everybody . . I am sorry but that image accidentally went out.
> I had thought it was going solely to Susan.
> Please accept my apologies if it crowds/clogs any of your emails.
> Jack Fulton

Thanks to someone's thoughtful tip a while back (Etiene, maybe?) when
someone sent a 4MB file through the list, I learned to set limits on
incoming mail so that large mails simply don't download from the server.
Now my mail program sends me a message when I have a big mail and tells
me who it's from, and asks me if I want to download it. If it's
something I know I want, I click on a link in the message and it
downloads the whole thing. I do have to remember to occasionally delete
unwanted big mails off the server, but that's a much easier task than
waiting 20 minutes for a download of something I don't want. Thanks,
Etiene or whoever told me about that!
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