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Frankly, this is not a bad deal. Usually, the minimum run is 2,000 books by
a small publisher. They do more like 4,000 and calculate their cost from
the 2,000 price.

Retail is figured at 5 times the cost per book, 40% markup for the retailer.
So as a published author you get 10% of retail and the publisher gets 50%
after all that cost.

If you can pay $11.50 and sell your book for $55+ you're actually in the
ball park with almost all other book sales.

Steve Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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> Richard said the following:
>>Say you want to do 100 images in an edition of 100. That's 10,000 images.
>>bit too much for today's technology. Even at a minute per that is 166
>>of steady print time. And good digital photo paper being a dollar a
> Check out the following as an neat (and somewhat affordable) way to get
> 100 books:
> I know the fellow doing this and he's very honest. Frankly, he'll be
> making little money on the deal but he tries to support the photographic
> community.
> Dan
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