Re: Crane's Kid Finish Ecru for VDB (was Re: Paper For Van Dyke)

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/22/05-10:25:10 AM Z
Message-id: <>

Thanks for the tip Stuart. I didn't know that about the paper.


>>> 03/22/05 9:05 AM >>>

I did a little footwork and I checked with Cranes

about Kid Finish Ecru.

The rep that I spoke with said that you can buy their
Kid Finish Ecru cover *without* the watermark if you
buy the 64# or the 96# paper. She seemed to think that
you were using the 32# paper (she said the heavier
papers are too thick for a watermark)

Don't know if these other papers are any good for VDB
or a are available in the sizes that you need but....

Please accept my apologies if you already knew this.


PS Crane has 800 telephone numbers (listed on their
site). Also if you have any technical questions about
the paper, you can be connected with somebody who can
answer them. At one point they had somebody monitoring
the list but I think the number of postings a day,
well, you know ;>

--- Joe Smigiel <> wrote:
> I'm partial to Cranes' Kid Finish ecru with
> thiourea+gold-toned VDB.
> The result is sort of a purplish-brown on cream. I
> think it very nice.
> The only problem is the ubiquitous watermark.
> Joe

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