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Great news! Thanks for sharing, and give him our very best. Wish I could
be there for the party.

P.S. Since I'm one who has spoken most strongly against "personal
remarks" on the list, let me hasten to assure you that it's not this
kind of personal announcement that I was arguing against. I feel the
same as you do about us being a kind of family who are interested in
each other and want to know how everyone's doing, and am always glad to
hear news of Pete or of anyone. I even like, and indulge in, the
sharing that some people don't like, that gives us a glimpse into people
and what their lives are like.

 The kind of personal comment I have argued against, and think the list
would be better off without, is the personal insult offered as an aside
in the middle of a discussion of issues, that causes so much
unhappiness among people on the list. That's quite different from what
I'm talking about above, and is the only thing I have meant when I have
said that personal remarks are not useful in a discussion of issues.
Katharine Thayer

> I apologize in advance for introducing a personal topic on to the list
>  but I think  some of us feel that the list is not just an impersonal 
> means of distributing  information  but in a way a fellowship of
> people who are interested in the practice of alternative photography
> and who are  also concerned and interested in the doings of their
> fellow beings. There is much good advice and support to people new to
> the practice of photo-alt on the list but like in all families there
> is the accasional squabble.  The good news is that Peter Fredrick has
> returned from hospice care and has become a Zen philosopher. On April
> the 9th he is having an open house birthday to celebrate his 70th
> birthday.   All are welcome. Hellena
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