Re: POP paper and it's initial and final colours

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uv printer and sun have different spectral composition. using different light
frequency you have a different result. intensity may also play. i.e. for
salted paper (from The Albumen & Salted Paper Book):
The higher the proportion of blue light and the lower the proportion of
yellow light the exposure source contains, the greater will be the tendency
toward a softer, flatter print. The greater the proportion of yellow and the
less blue the exposing source contains, the greater will be the tendency
toward a more contrasty print, but, of course, with an accompanying
lengthening of exposure time.
cleary every alt photo process has a different spectral reponse

--- Susan Huber <> wrote:
> Hello Alt friends,
> I have been noticing the colour of an initially printed -out paper contact
> from use in the UV printer compared to one printed in the sun.
> The prints from the UV printer, (an Edwards printer), is much cooler and
> tones cooler and lighter than the print printed out in the sun.
> I can always tell from the finished prints whether I used UV/ sun.
> Does this have to do with the intensity of the light sources?
> I have been working with these materials for a long time and I finally
> realized that I need to have an answer for when someone asks me. Thanks,
> Susan

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