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"I dunno. Some of you folks are a bit overboard about exactly what a
photograph is or can be. But,
in the long run, no mater what or how, that 'handmade' look is what I want,
along w/an idea. It is like
knowing some sentient being loved it.

Jack Fulton".


Very well put, but I don't need "hand made" look so much as I need to see
well crafted along with an image worthy of looking at for an extended period
of time.


Auctions can be certainly disappointing to see what level of appreciation
the audience is willing to pay for your donated work. Perhaps, crafting an
intro to the piece that should be read by the auctioneer needs to be
considered or brought up to the organization to which the donation is made;
think of it as a sales pitch.


As to how long any one has worked with digital? I was told back in the 78'
while attending De Anza JC that it was time to give up film because digital
was on the way. I am SO glad that I didn't listen to that prophecy. The
integration of digital imaging into the established photographic processes
is being accepted, at many levels, like the use of video (a.k.a TV shows) as
an instructional aide. Where these days, does a video presentation, not
make an appearance? It did however take a very long time (I am speaking
computer time here, quite different than real time) for the product to catch
up to the promise. And just as young technicians of yesterday struggled
with the mechanics of camera, lenses, film, enlarger, so will many
technicians struggle with the mechanics of today; capture, printer, RIPs,
software, etc.


Strong compelling images will always hold an appeal, and this is what Walter
Chappell was getting at with printers and image makers that Richard alluded


EJ Neilsen



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