Re: Restoration of the tri-color camera. An update.

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Date: 03/20/05-04:28:55 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> But I don't see how what they did here is any different from any
> adjustment of any color picture you might scan, except for the added
> difficulty of registering the negatives when the three negatives were
> composited as color layers into one image. Or how even if they had
> adjusted the individual negatives rather than the whole image, how that
> would be different from adjusting the color channels of a color image
> that was scanned the usual way.

Unless what you're saying is that to your eyes, even the RGB image has a
clarity of color that you couldn't get with scanned color film,
regardless of how it would print, because of the difference between the
layered character of the color film vs the unitary nature of the single
negatives for each color. I guess I'd have to see a side-by-side
comparison, of a professionally-adjusted scan from color slide film (of
the same size of course) to the profesionally-adjusted composite image
made from the three separate negatives, but I suppose it could well be
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