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Yes, I did assume this was probably related to the piece sticking out
from the rest of the stack of paper.

Bill William wrote:
> --- Katharine Thayer <> :
> found a piece of Arches 90# Aqaurelle, from maybe 10 years
> ago or more, that had darkened significantly in a band
> about 2 inches wide, running along one end of the paper.
> > Katharine
> I have seen such a band before... it was traced back to
> the "band" having not been completly covered for at least
> part of the time (even a relativly short period can get
> quite dark compared to an area really well protected.)
> Dimmer nanosized dusties!
> Actually, and more importantly, I think good simple
> surface coverage is often not given the attention it
> really needs... I had stacks of different matts 2ply,4 ply
> and museum boards in various storage situations...
> sometimes only lightly wraped, after 3 years rough storage
> I noticed that where the sheets had not covered each
> other, there and only there was where the foxspots did
> their mushrooming dance...
> exactly what you would expect if the problem was light,
> air or air borne in nature... the best survivors were
> those that had good fitting coverings (made of the same
> material) on all 6 sides.
> Also, I can confirm the idea that sizing "goes away" after
> a period of time, the timeframe here being a decade or
> two, but it should be mentioned that this is with a less
> pure gelatin like product (old fashioned glue actually)
> which may in fact be stronger in some respects....
> Ray
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