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Date: 03/18/05-10:32:04 AM Z
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Van Dyke of my last new book writting on the Van Dyke (only in french), pay
by PayPal
Philippe (Belgium)
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They're very nice. As good as the very very best straight ones I made in
the past, probably even better. They do have the Van Dyke look to them,
especially the one with the railroad tracks. The blocked shadows next to
the rails is a Van Dyke characteristic that is hard to resolve in the
traditional negative process. I never did much straight Van Dyke work.
Some of my work from the early 70's is here. These are 10 year old video
frame grabs as the images are 18 x 26 or so and I did not have a digital
camera then or a scanner that large but they are decent enough to get the
At 05:06 AM 3/18/2005, you wrote:
>Richard and others, what can you say about the tonal range of the prints
>listed below?
>http://gallery.photo.net/photo/2012642-lg.jpg (straight Vandyke)
>http://gallery.photo.net/photo/1999496-lg.jpg (straight Vandyke)
>http://gallery.photo.net/photo/2056041-lg.jpg (gold toned Vandyke)
>The color and dynamic range of the scans are very close to the actual
>prints "on my monitor".
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> > Subject: RE: Actual photograph
> >
> > ... He could not believe they were Van Dykes. The
> > process has a very
> > short tonal range and I believe that it is almost impossible
> > to generate a
> > normal silver neg that fits the process. I've looked at and
> > made Van Dykes
> > off and on for 35 years now and never seen anything quite
> > like this. One of
> > the students had done some close ups of back lit Iris flowers
> > and they
> > looked like the very best made pts. Perhaps I shouldn't be
> > talking like
> > this.<grin>
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