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> > A point well taken. The silver gelatin print in my mind is not quite
> > a handmade print. Been there and done that, but in terms of
> > handmadeness not to the level of most hand coated processes. I don't
> > get the same satisfaction of having made something from an enlarged
> > silver print as I do with a hand coated one. This is is a highly
> > subjective feeling but one I get similar feedback from students
> > on. My comment was in terms of the sweat equity that goes into the
> > print or in the example the rug. Obviously a bad rug with a lot of
> > sweat equity in it is still a bad rug.
>I suggest you try real handmade silver gelatin prints. You'll realize
>that the sweat equity is higher with this process than many
>others. That's one reason people don't want to do it.

If by this you mean making your own emulsion, ripening in a silver vessel
and all of that, yes, quite a chore. I have bounced around the idea of
making matte finished POP paper on my machine.


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