Digi Neg Photo Printers -- Sorry for the same question 100x

From: Adam. Waterson ^lt;artistboi@speakeasy.net>
Date: 03/16/05-09:24:57 AM Z
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I know that we've all had like 100 posts recently about Digi Negs. But
congrats to me, not only did I have a good weekend at work, and decide
to buy a 10D back, but I won my school's highest undergraduate award
for photography. So with the money I receive for the award, I want to
buy a printer, that'll allow me to print large scale negs for alt
process work. I want to be able to print atleast 20x24, perhaps a bit

What are people using for digi negs? Sorry, I've not paid attention
to ANY of the threads recently.

So please, for convenience sake, reply off list.

So a great photo printer, that'll keep me good for a few years. Spend
around 1g or 1.5g. Print atleast 24" across, perhaps more.
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