Re: The value of the handmade

From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/15/05-11:28:33 PM Z
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Greetings from another member of the "old school".

In my opinion, brush mark borders are a feeble attempt to bolster a weak
image that can't stand on it's own merits. Just like the filed-out negative
carriers from an earlier time, it's a fad and a gimmick. I find the brush
marks to be a distraction and nothing more.

Sad to hear that some hucksters out there are creating phony 'alt prints'
using Photoshop trickery and pressing a few buttons.

Don't burn me with flames. As noted, I'm just offering my opinion.

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> Add to this the assinine use of masks in photoshop that make the borders
> an injet print look as if it were a print made on a brushed on emulsion or
> polaroid transfer...corny as hell.
> Several of my friends are still managing to find work in the printing
> industry because they are the "old school" guys who know how to make
separations on
> film and not in the computer...even they worry about what's going to
> when the manufacturers decide to stop the production of film.
> best
> argon
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