Re: The value of the handmade

Date: 03/15/05-05:26:06 PM Z
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Re: my comment about the use of "messy" borders as a gimmick to create a
handmade appearance...I mention this mostly in connection with photos that I've
seen reproduced as printed pieces: in ads, magazine articles, etc. Places
where it's obvious that they didn't shoot film and go through a silver based or
alt process to get the image; where it was most probably a digital capture on
some multi-thousand dollar digital back that was jacked around in photoshop to
look like, say, a platinum print because that's such a "groovy, now and
happenin''s so artsy". Wedding photographers shooting digital often do
the same thing.

Certainly, an alt process can have nice neat and square's a lot
like filed out negative carriers were back when I was in school (me and Fox
Talbot and Daguerre...well, it seems that long ago)...some folks like the look
and some don't but it becomes an indication that you're seeing the whole
negative or, in the case of the overbrushed borders, that you're working on
something other than a factory produced emulsion.


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