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Hi Josť,

Damn, you are right about the print. Send me your
mailing address and I will clear this up.



>Hi Sandy,
> I'll try to get one of these here in Spain.
>Remember you still own me a carbon print.There was a deal.
>Manolo is much into ejiptology now and has
>little or no time for photography, he has
>stopped the alternative editions of photography
>and the alternative list in Spanish is almost
>dead. But I am sure he will come back one day. I
>give him your regards.
>Jose FErnando.
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>Hi Jose,
>And welcome to the alt--photo list.
>Is the printing you plan to do from scanned
>negatives to be in platinum or palladium? And
>what size image do you plan to make? If you want
>to go as wide as 13 inches the Epson 1280 or
>2200 (have same numbers in Europe?) are the ones
>that are used in US most frequently. They both
>give very nice results in palladium printing
>with spectral density negatives. Some less
>expensive options are available if 8.5 inches is
>wide enough for you, and of course there is the
>new even larger Epson 4000. But in general I
>believe there is a preference for Epson printers
>ove Canon, HP, etc.
>Please give my regards to Manolo? It has been a
>very long time since I have heard from him.
>>Hi I am new on the list. I practiced for some
>>years with platimum paladium, blue brint, Van
>>dyke, pinhole etc. I have attended a workshop
>>with Sandy King in Novelda Alicante Spain,
>>where I live. My main concern now is pinhole
>>photography. In 1992 I met Thomas Harding in a
>>platinum workshop in Aspen. He made me swop
>>into this tipe of photography when I saw his
>>pictures and now I am fascinated by this type
>>os photography.
>Now I am also interesting in printing from
>scaned negatives but I need advise on what
>printer to buy which one would fit with the type
>of phottography I work with. Any help? Thank you
>Best regards
>Jose Fernando
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