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Welcome Jose,

I use the following, which may or may not be a little excessive for your needs:

An Epson Stylus Pro 4000 ($$$) with inks from Inkjetmall.

I am waiting to get into the Piezographic system but I don't think the
4000 can do this yet. On the good side, other printers such as the
1280, 2200 and the 3000 (and more probably) do sell the inks which
basically allow full, accurate calibration from ink to printer to

If you're just starting the 1280 and the 2000P are fantastic printers
and have great output and are very cheap for their quality..The 1280
is ~$400 USD -$100 USD rebate in most places and the 2000P is about
$350 USD or less. Another fine printer is the Epson Photo R800 (my
favorite out of the three) which probably goes for around the same
price range as the other two. These are fantastic printers and are
great for transparency printing if you plan to get into digital

Hope this little part helps!

p.s. Use Vuescan if you have a PC :)

Alex Swain (fo)
Burlington, VT
On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 12:01:38 +0100, Vicedirector
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> Hi I am new on the list. I practiced for some years with platimum paladium,
> blue brint, Van dyke, pinhole etc. I have attended a workshop with Sandy
> King in Novelda Alicante Spain, where I live. My main concern now is pinhole
> photography. In 1992 I met Thomas Harding in a platinum workshop in Aspen.
> He made me swop into this tipe of photography when I saw his pictures and
> now I am fascinated by this type os photography. 
> Now I am also interesting in printing from scaned negatives but I need
> advise on what printer to buy which one would fit with the type of
> phottography I work with. Any help? Thank you
> Best regards
> Jose Fernando
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