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Wow! I don't know if I can answer that question. There is probably a lot of
stuff in the archives on that subject. OK, I will give it a try knowing that
whatever I say will be subject to debate.

I would say that it is any process or method that deviates from the standard
silver/gelatin look.
This could include but not be confined to: cyanotype, van dyke brown, gum
prints, kallitype, platinotype, chrysotype, uranotype, daguerreotype, liquid
emulsion prints, tintype, ambrotype,
salt prints, photograms, pin hole images, Holga camera images, exotic toning
of silver prints (uranium, vanadium, gold, etc.). The list is almost
endless. Judy has used the phrase "Post Factory" to discribe
alternative process photography.

When showing my work in art shows (which I prefer to photography shows) I am
most pleased
when I hear the comment, "Is that a photograph or what?"

I believe that digital imaging is a new form of alternative process
photography that may very well
become the new standard that replaces silver/gelatine.

I believe that photography can be an artistic medium. It can also be many
other things. If you dare to use photography as your medium of artistic
exprression and you are doing someting that results in images that don't
look like ordinary photographs, then you are probably doing alternative
photography and that is what this list is all about or, al least, it was
when I joined it.

My interpretation of this can be seen on my web page. I invite you to view
it and comment on it.

Best wishes,

Bob Schramm
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&gt; &gt; Also I think philosophy is OK if confined to the philosophy of
&gt; &gt; alternative process photography.
&gt;So what is alternative process photography?
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