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Date: 03/14/05-10:06:46 PM Z
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I just want to register my agreement with Sandy King as to appropriate
topics for the list. I think his list of inappropriate topics is right on
the money also. I would only add one comment. That is, I believe limited
advertisments for photographic items for sale should be allowed to list
members but not to excess. Lets say one or two ads every three or four
months would be about the limit. Also I think philosophy is OK if confined
to the philosophy of alternative process photography.

Bob Schramm
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&gt;From: Sandy King &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Re: list minders
&gt;Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 22:05:53 -0500
&gt;I am willing to continue to serve until such time as a new system is
&gt;put in place, but at that time I would only be willing to continue
&gt;if there were some type of rotating system of the type described by
&gt;It is also my opinion that some rough guidelines as to what is
&gt;considered appropriate discussion topics for the list should be
&gt;established. Right now the only limits appear to be vulgarity and
&gt;personal insults. I am not of the opinion that the discussions
&gt;should only be about technical issues directly related to alt
&gt;processes. In fact, I am receptive to a rather wide range of
&gt;subjects involving both photographic aesthetics, history and
&gt;techniques. What I am absolutely opposed to are discussions about
&gt;politics, religion, ethics, sociology, and philosophy, *unless* such
&gt;discussions are based first and foremost on a photographic
&gt;component. I would favor giving people only one warning on this.
&gt;After the first warning you can still keep talking, but for a second
&gt;offense you get the penalty box.
&gt;It would also be better, IMO, that members report messages that they
&gt;find objectionable directly to the list minders rather than take
&gt;matters into their own hand and complain to the list. The list
&gt;minder(s) would then take whatever action deemed appropriate, but
&gt;would not be expected to give a report to the complaining member. If
&gt;fact, complaining on list that someone else's message is
&gt;objectionable should be in itself a reason for censor since this
&gt;practice has historically been one of the major, if not the major,
&gt;cause of flame war.
&gt;The idea that we simply allow the list to play out its conflicts is
&gt;in my opinion a very bad one. It may work ok in lists that are
&gt;relatively small and where the members have different personality
&gt;profiles than some of the core members of this list. Here, however,
&gt;we can clearly see that option is not working very well, unless you
&gt;idea of working is what we have seen recently.
&gt;&gt;Hi All:
&gt;&gt;I do think we need to revisit the issue of listminders. I think it
&gt;&gt;something the list needs.
&gt;&gt;In the past I had tried letting the list sort out all the issues,
&gt;&gt;etc., but found at times the list did nothing but debate these
&gt;&gt;issue, and
&gt;&gt;did little actual discussion of alt-photo.
&gt;&gt;In the distant past I read every single posting made to this list,
&gt;&gt;respond privately when someone was inappropriate. When I decided
&gt;&gt;establish the list minders, it was done out of recognition that I
&gt;&gt;was no
&gt;&gt;longer able to read every message, and that I felt I should not be
&gt;&gt;sole judge and jury.
&gt;&gt;The listminders job was to watch the list at a particular time and
&gt;&gt;privately respond to inappropriate postings. In the event of a big
&gt;&gt;we would discuss it amongst the minders and come up with a
&gt;&gt;response. This
&gt;&gt;was usually about banishing someone from the list.
&gt;&gt;I have not been able to follow the list closely in the last few
&gt;&gt;Too many other issues going on in my life right now. I will
&gt;&gt;readily admit
&gt;&gt;that I have seriously neglected by &quot;list minder duties&quot;
&gt;&gt;The list minders are:
&gt;&gt;myself Gord Holtslander
&gt;&gt;Sandy King
&gt;&gt;Adam Kimball
&gt;&gt;Art Chakalis
&gt;&gt;Bob Schramm
&gt;&gt;Dave Soemarko
&gt;&gt;When I established this a few years ago I asked people to nominate
&gt;&gt;members as potential list minders. I wanted to pick people who
&gt;&gt;widely respected on this list.
&gt;&gt;I would like to find a replacement for myself as a list minder. (I
&gt;&gt;still manage the list) I don't think Adam Kimball is participating
&gt;&gt;this list any longer (Hello Adam?) the same for Art Chakalis
&gt;&gt;(Hello Art?)
&gt;&gt;I think the biggest problem currently with the list minders is that
&gt;&gt;three of them are actively &quot;minding&quot;
&gt;&gt;I think it would be valid to have a woman as one of the list
&gt;&gt;minders. I
&gt;&gt;had asked some to be a list minder initially but they declined.
&gt;&gt;Are all the other list minders still here willing to continue? Do
&gt;&gt;we want
&gt;&gt;to go with a bigger group, or smaller group?
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