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    I am still minding the list on thursdays, but I wouldn't mind (pun
intended) if someone else would like to take over for awhile since it seems
like I have been doing it for years. Maybe I have. I will continue if you
cannot find anyone for thursday. Women should make good list minders since
they are used to dealing with unruly children. ;-)

Best wishes,
Bob Schramm
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&gt;From: &quot;Gordon J. Holtslander&quot; &lt;;
&gt;Subject: listminders
&gt;Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 09:57:25 -0600
&gt;Hi All:
&gt;I do think we need to revisit the issue of listminders. I think it is
&gt;something the list needs.
&gt;In the past I had tried letting the list sort out all the issues, flames
&gt;etc., but found at times the list did nothing but debate these issue,
&gt;did little actual discussion of alt-photo.
&gt;In the distant past I read every single posting made to this list, and
&gt;respond privately when someone was inappropriate. When I decided to
&gt;establish the list minders, it was done out of recognition that I was no
&gt;longer able to read every message, and that I felt I should not be the
&gt;sole judge and jury.
&gt;The listminders job was to watch the list at a particular time and
&gt;privately respond to inappropriate postings. In the event of a big
&gt;we would discuss it amongst the minders and come up with a response.
&gt;was usually about banishing someone from the list.
&gt;I have not been able to follow the list closely in the last few months.
&gt;Too many other issues going on in my life right now. I will readily
&gt;that I have seriously neglected by &quot;list minder duties&quot;
&gt;The list minders are:
&gt;myself Gord Holtslander
&gt;Sandy King
&gt;Adam Kimball
&gt;Art Chakalis
&gt;Bob Schramm
&gt;Dave Soemarko
&gt;When I established this a few years ago I asked people to nominate list
&gt;members as potential list minders. I wanted to pick people who were
&gt;widely respected on this list.
&gt;I would like to find a replacement for myself as a list minder. (I will
&gt;still manage the list) I don't think Adam Kimball is participating in
&gt;this list any longer (Hello Adam?) the same for Art Chakalis (Hello
&gt;I think the biggest problem currently with the list minders is that only
&gt;three of them are actively &quot;minding&quot;
&gt;I think it would be valid to have a woman as one of the list minders. I
&gt;had asked some to be a list minder initially but they declined.
&gt;Are all the other list minders still here willing to continue? Do we
&gt;to go with a bigger group, or smaller group?
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