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hey Ehud, all:
i think this is about right, but for the flash version (or am I wrong?)

incidentally, the US distributor of Holga, Freestyle, carries (at least)
four distinct models:

- the Holga 120S (no built-in flash, but a hotshoe)
- the Holga 120SF (built-in flash)
- the Holga 120N (like the 120S, but better--1/4" tripod mount)
- the Holga 120FN (like the SF, but FN rather than NF--w/ 1/4" tripod
- the Holga 120CFN (built in color flash--four colours: red, yellow,
   blue, white)
- the Woca 120G (Holga 120S with glass lens)
- the Woca 120GF (Holga 120SF w/ glass lens)

finally, shipping to Canada done by the US Postal service (USPS not UPS)
will result in a $5 "brokerage" cost (vs. UPS's $30 minimum), no matter
the size of package (I think). Shipping itself will cost about $25-35 US
for the whole order (10 or more cameras).

Anyone in Toronto area wanting to get one, please email me offlist can
have one at cost + the effort to come pick it up. Prices will range from
$25 to $50 each, by my estimates.

all the best,

Ehud Yaniv wrote:
> About $ 60.00 CDN I think.
> I cannot remember what models they carry and I never enquired about quantity
> discount.
> Ehud
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> thanks!
> i've emailed them, but any guesses about prices (can't find anything on
> the site)? any ideas what models they carry (120N or 120S)? any ideas
> about quantity discounts?
> thanks thanks and thanks (in advance)
> k
> Ehud Yaniv wrote:
>>Beau photo in Vancouver sells Holga.
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>>Subject: holga in canada
>>hey all--
>>i'm interested in picking up a number of holga cameras in canada.... it
>>appears freestyle holds a monopoly on distribution in the U.S.; any
>>ideas about Canada?
>>i'd really rather prefer to order within Canada (so's i don't have to
>>worry about shipping/customs/etc.)
>>i realize i may be asking too much
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