Re: Science and debate (a ramble)

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Date: 03/13/05-10:51:15 PM Z
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On Sun, 13 Mar 2005 08:38:54 +0000, Katharine Thayer
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> It occurred to me that maybe I'm the only one here who expected this to
> be like science, who thought our task here was to refine our collective
> thinking about gum printing, and maybe that's why people sometimes get
> upset when I proceed on the assumption that this is what we're about.

No, you're not alone in that expectation; my background is in fine
arts not science, but I too approach the list as a forum of sharing
technical exploration, expertise, and problem solving, and on a good
day I greatly appreciate the spirit of folks who " figured it out
together". (I left the list 7 yrs ago and recently returned, and
merely lurk right now). It is discouraging to see things devolve into
something less collegial than problem-solving and become more about
ego. The knowledge shared on this list is so valuable.

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