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I am supposed to be the thursday list minder. As such I always try to read
all the posts that are made on thursdays. If I am not going to be avaiable,
I notify Gord.

If there are posts that are out-of-line on my day, I send an email to the
offending individual suggesting that his/her remarks are inappropriate. If
this does not work, I confer with the other list minders and we decide on a
course of action. This has only happened once that I recall. A lot of posts
are off-topic but I don't think we want to police this. I believe it is part
of the background
of information that is related to alternative processes work. Likewise, I
have no problem with list members advertising iitems for sale. Again, these
items are related to alternative process work.
This list has always been pretty open and I hope it will stay that way.
After all, we all have a common interest and therefore, we should try to be
friendly. We are all members of a fairly small interest group and it is to
our individual interest to get along.

There are occasional rude remarks made that I tend to ignore unless they are
repeated or amplified
since I don't really want to be a member of the thought police, I have to
make a value judgement as to when someone has gotten out-of-hand and the
list is being disrupted. I think that is the key
phrase, i.e. "when the list is being disrupted." I don't think it the list
minder's job to defend each list member from minor insults unless the minor
insults have resulted in a flame war which is certainly
disruptive to the list.

In the past few years there have been only about three instinces when I have
felt it necessary to admonish a list member. In each case my private
message has worked. Therefore, I must say that,
in my opinion, the list minder system is working.

Of course I have witnessed inappropriate posts on other days but those have
been the concern of other list minders.

I woulld agree that some rotation system could be instituted, but the list
minders must be chosen with care. After all, we don't really want "Big
Brother" constantly watching us all do we? The list minders must avoid
heavy-handedness. They must use a certain amout of tact and understanding.
Its not an easy job and I, for one, would welcome a vacation from the

Best wishes to all on the list,

Bob Schramm

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