Re: Epson 1280 Curve for Gum Printing

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Date: 03/13/05-10:51:44 AM Z
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I have had success with the silver curve that Dan Burkholder provides on his
website. I am using pictorico with Lyson quad black inks.

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On 12/3/05 21:25, "Jeremy Moore" <> wrote:

> Can someone point me in the direction of or email me a photoshop
> adjustment curve for making gum print digital negatives with an Epson
> 1280? I have been having some trouble creating my own curve using Mark's
> PDN system--my fault in badly dealing with the many gum variables. Just
> seeing what a "correct" gum curve looks like (the general shape of the
> curve) could be the catalyst to see me to my personal curve.
> Thanks!
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