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The EF lenses (electro-focus) yes, the newly introduced EF-S lenses are
designed for some of the newer digital slr's. The accessories should work as

EOS: Electro-Optical System.
Canon's designation for the line of cameras which control their lenses
strictly electronically. That is to say, aperture and focus are controlled
by motors in the lens itself, rather than in the camera body.

To check out a few more of Canon's acronyms.


> Hi,
> I am wondering if anyone is using the Canon SLR line of digital camera. I
> noticed they have series like digital rebel, digital rebel AT, digital Elan
> etc. I happen to have a non-digital Elan II E and am wondering if the lens
> and accesories that I already have can be used with their digital cameras. I
> forgot what EOS means, is that a standard for their lens?
> Sorry for this non-alt topic, but I think some others might be interested as
> well.
> Thanks,
> Dave S
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