RE: Coming Out of the (well ventilated) Closet - with glut

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/12/05-03:11:54 PM Z
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> I'll relate my experience with glut. I wanted to try this stuff, so I
> got a 100ml bottle of 10% glut. Reading all of the MSDS information on
> the stuff made me wary of it, so I put on a respirator, and took 10ml
> in 90ml of water to create a 1% solution. Christine advised that she
> was using this stuff at about 0.0125%, so I used that proportion in a
> 3% gelatin solution. After dropping the small amount of 1% in the
> gelatin, I reasoned (incorrectly) that the amount was SO small that I
> could dispense with the respirator for brushing the sizing onto my
> Fabriano Extra white.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with glut. I have two samples that Ryuji
Suzuki sent me and I have been awaiting balmy weather to size and dry my
glut treated Rives and Fabriano outdoors.

My own darkroom, even though well ventilated, is small, therefore making
glut fume buildup likely. And since I'm sensitive to Metol now (where I
wasn't years ago) I will exercise extreme caution when using glut.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Are you going to try and print with the paper?


Don Bryant
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