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Date: 03/12/05-04:26:32 AM Z
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Hi Chris,
I haven't used the paint you mention here, although I have used one of
its pigments, PY151, without needing extra exposure beyond my PY110
(BTW; I had a wonderful experience recently; I was down to the next to
last tube of the Graham PY110 that I'd bought up when they stopped using
the pigment. There is an arts supply store just a mile or two from me
which I had never gone into because I assumed it would just be craft
supplies, stuff for scrapbooking and the like, but I needed something in
a hurry so I called them on the chance and found that they carry M.
Graham paint, which I had been driving to Portland to buy, not knowing
there was a source right up the street! Anyway, there I found 6 tubes of
the discontinued M. Graham PY110 gathering dust on a rack. I jumped up
and down and screamed and threw my arms around the startled saleswoman
and generally made a spectacle of myself before sweeping the whole lot
off the rack and carrying them home.) At any rate it's my experience
that different pigments sometimes require different exposures, although
I haven't seen a pattern that would lead me to draw any conclusions
about this.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an odd observation: there is one pigment I have that for some reason
> seems to not expose well. It is M. Graham gamboge PY 151, PO 62.
> Most of my layers expose the same amount of time, 5 minutes. For some
> reason, that pigment sloughs off at that time. Anyone else experience this
> with this pigment or any other particular pigment they have used?
> It has happened a number of times. All my practice is the same. I measured
> the pH of the pigment thinking it might be more alkaline and then "slower",
> but it is the same pH. The only other thing I can think of is that for some
> reason I brushed on the pigment thicker with this than with others, but
> every time and just with this pigment? That seems odd.
> Chris
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