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Date: 03/12/05-03:06:30 AM Z
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Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> That's a really lame excuse. See below. It is too soon to quibble
> around only after a month of posting pages of your opinion. Now all of
> sudden your mistake (if you admit so, though I doubt it) is someone
> else's red herring. What a nonesense. Where is your science?

The science is in the observation, not in the interpretation or
speculation about possible causes for the observation. The observations
have been consistent: with the papers I have used, hot sizing results in
sizing failure and speckles in the gum print. This is the only thing I
have reported with confidence. I have been careful to say that I don't
know WHY this occurs. Further discussion and reflection have convinced
me that it probably is about the temperature of the water, not about the
gelatin at all. Your accusations about inconsistency are rude, beside
the point, and not helpful to the discussion. The point is, that I
think I understand better now why some people see this effect and some
people don't, because it looks like it's probably about how hot water
and factory sizing interact and is different for different papers. But
the observation remains the same. And to say that I'm frightened by a
different observation is just silly.
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