Re: Portland SPE & Precision Digital Negatives

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Date: 03/12/05-10:54:45 AM Z
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When you buy a round then I buy a round, that is called reciprocity.
When one of us runs out of money and can't buy the next round, that's
reciprocity failure!


"In a Democratic society man takes advantage of his fellow man... In a
Communistic society, it's just the opposite."

On Mar 12, 2005, at 10:11 AM, wrote:

> Hi Hans,
> hehehehe it would seem we would get into an endless loop—or be looped
> endlessly.
> Mark
> In a message dated 3/11/05 11:41:56 AM, writes:
> Mark,
> Then do we have to buy you a beer when we need a bathroom break? And
> then you buy a round and so on and so on...
> Hans
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