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Nice work, Chris. . . .

Accidently boiled gelatin and Accidently Boiled Life. Sometimes
there's just no controlling what happens, you know? It just happens
when you're not looking and spills all over the place and you deal with
it, right? (. . . . don't get me started. . . . ).

(Personal aside: In the family therapy program I supervised a number
of years ago we held the following definition: "Normal Family; a
family configuration which has not yet been clinically assessed." It
was intended as a joke. . . . but it showed up on Masters and Doctoral
level student exams as truth.)

"Overshare," or whatever aside, I'm grateful that at least one other
member of the group (and there are more, I suspect) is actually human
and boils her JelloLife and is yet alive to report. Really,
significant life events DO have effects on the work we do. Every form
of quantitative (qualitative, even better) research allows for
contextual variables. I mean, being in love or in grief or in anger or
in angst or in perplexity or in uncertainty or in poverty or in
psychosis (or in the advent of a mate's 30 year-old progeny. . . .
whatever) -- there are effects in the art . . . . Yes? Or, at least,
we work the art in the context of real life boiling over, right? I
would hope so.

Thanks Chris. Let the floods roll.

Best to all,
John Campbell
Photogecko Studios & Gallery
1413 S. 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704
On Mar 11, 2005, at 5:38 PM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> One last post for the day (yeah, right).
> In the middle of thesis (re)writing the Jewelia hoopla was a happenin'.
> Mind you, on MY side of the fence, I was having a surprise
> (understatement) appearance of a daughter of my husband's from 30 some
> years ago suddenly appear in our lives--**quite** the surprise for me,
> and our kids, the latter who were not in the know. I feel part of
> the "who's your daddy" group now. All's well; she looks just like him
> and is grumpy in the mornings just like he is. Will wonders never
> cease. His 88 year old mother told him he's written out of the will
> and the newfound granddaughter is in :).
> Now I know that is an overshare, but I'm not one to hold back, as
> y'all well know. And I bring it up because I have been on this list
> for 6 years now, and I do consider each and every one of you "family",
> even though we have our off moments. And there are far more important
> things in life to bitch about than Jewelia (Now, Gordon, "bitch" is
> tamer a word than "cunt" and it's even on TV).
> NOW, I thought I'd come out of the closet with something FAR more
> important that I swore I'd never talk about on this list (I lied): I
> Yes, folks, all 30 sheets printed smooth as a baby's butt, with no
> speckling. They better have--they'll all be in my thesis show in a
> month.
> This proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about speckling except I, for one, will
> no longer worry about whether or not I accidentally overheat my jello
> ever again while attending to the soap opera called my life.
> Now THAT'S something to argue about. Open the floodgates...
> Chris
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