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Date: 03/10/05-02:57:53 PM Z
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For some reason, these lenses (ektars and commercial ektars) seem to be
prone to "cleaning marks". I've read that they are result of a relatively
soft coating applied to these lenses. Don't know if that's true or
cyber-legend, but I'd suggest sending it back to the seller and demanding
a refund. He should have disclosed these marks if they as bad as you say.
If he refuses, leave negative feedback and file a complaint with ebay.
(Can you imagine working in ebay's complaint dept?????)


> I just bought a Kodak Ektar 14 inch lens on FeeBay..... The seller said
> the lens was in good working order, but when I received it the lenses on
> both
> the front and rear are just a mass of cleaning scratches........ There
> are no deep scratches just the fine cleaning one....... The lens appears
> to be coated...... Is there any polymer cleaning polish solution that
> can minimize these scratches? I am looking for a easy cheap fix.......
> John Cremati
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