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I was here also, and I remember the Jewelia sagas. But, with all due
respect, you really seriously miss the point.It is not about
Jewelia. It is about people thinking they have the right to make fun
of people like Jewelia. And by extension, to make fun of others with
identity problems, or who are simply different. Which is to say, the
issue is really Human Decency 101.

Heard any good jokes about dwarfs recently? Or the deaf? Or by gosh,
what about a good fag joke?

The purpose of this list, as you say, is to discuss alternative
process photography. It is *not* about making fun of people who are
different from us. There is simply no place for this kind of garbage
on the alt-photo-process list.

I respect Judy, but she,and others went over the line on this one.

Finally, when Mr. Ptak raised questions about her comments Judy would
have been much wiser to "cut her losses" with a simple apology, and
then shut her mouth. Instead she chose to trot out the same old sad
and tired mantra of sexism that she has used for years and years to
hit some of us males on the list over the head with, when it pleased
her to do so, by suggesting that Mr. Ptak is a sexist because he
spoke out against her comments while ignoring the comments of males.
I see an alternative scenery, i.e. far from being a sexist Mt. Ptak
simply observed the comments of a limited number of arrogant and
insensitive human beings and directed his comments to the person who
initiated the discussion.

That is my opinion and you can take it or leave it for all I care.
But as far as I am concerned this is a black and white issue with no
slippery slope.


>Judy and I and some of you were here during the jewelia era. Some of
>you were not and therefore do not know what it was like.
>The purpose of this list is not to discuss jewelia, nor is it to
>provide a platform for people like her (him) to express outrageous
>opinions about everything unrelated to alternative process
>photography, stir up flame wars and subject the list members to
>childish banter and silly chatter.
>The purpose of this list is to discuss alternative process photography.
>If jewelia is reading the mail on this list, I am sure she is
>delighted with all the publicity.
>As far as I know, jewelia never contributed one single positive
>thing to this list. She did manage to disrupt the list on several
>I, for one, will never again think of, mention or respond to
>messages related to jewellia and thats a promise.
>One more thing, I'm with Judy all the way.
>Bob Schramm
>Check out my web page at:
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