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Date: 03/09/05-08:41:33 PM Z
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Its been a while but in running through all the optics equations in my mind
I cannot think of any dependence of image size on aperature. Image siize is
determined by focal length and object distance. Its possible that there is
some effect due to aperature but I cannot think of what it would be. Of
course, if one wanted to interpret variations in image sharpness as
variations in image size
then one could relate that to aperature. The old rule of maximum sharpness
at two stops down from maximum aperature implys a fuzzier image at larger
and smaller aperatures which, I guess could be thought of as a larger image.
The effect would be quite small however.

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&gt;Subject: Optics question (not alt)
&gt;Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 18:58:40 -0500 (EST)
&gt;Am I remembering something incorrectly or does image size on the
&gt;film/chip plane change with aperture? I could swear it does but I don't
&gt;know from where I pulled that info. Or, perhaps I'm just losing my mind.
&gt;I'm helping a friend edit a chapter in his book and sure don't want to
&gt;suggest something wacky.
&gt;Thanks in advance for input.
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