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For crying out loud...

Whatever one thinks about JMC's presence on the list aside, Nick's issue
of "conservative" versus "liberal" makes my stomach turn. I met Jewlia on
more than one occaision at APIS/Platypus functions. I found her very
knowledgeable about art and alt-processes in general, and her work was
fantastic. I also much enjoyed her off-beat personality and opinions. Of
course she's not for everyone, but god, we need people like that in the
arts to push buttons and get reactions (positive or negative) and stir
things up. We have way too much of the stodgy attitudes I see displayed by
Mr. Schramm and Mr. Makris in this thread in our little part of the art

And as far as Judy's assault on Mr. Ptak for expressing his opinion,
that's just what I'd expect from her. Since she seems to have more time
than most to post endlessley about the pigment stain test and insult
people (both blatantly and surreptitiously), she feels she has some
ownership of this list. "If you don't talk as much as I do, you're opinion
doesn't count and you're a sexist!" Puh-leez! In fact, it's my opinion
she's done more to degrade the overall quality or the list than anyone
simply by screaming and insulting people in her oh-so-witty way.


Nick wrote:

> Some of you may recall the parting shots J. took as he/she left the
> list/life - elluding to her demise/death (if that ever happened).
> Others, perhaps J. aliases, finally posted the death of J. or some
> such. It was all very controversial, up in the air and not quite for
> what I would refer to as "the more conservative".
> I bring this up because there is the thought that we are protecting an
> innocent sole, which IMO is simply not the case. So, while J. had a
> grasp of the arts, including many alternative methods, he/she also had
> a, shall we say very liberal side. Since in my recollection of J.,
> he/she is no longer with us, comments about the personna shouldn't be
> held to a standard that's different from other celebrated persons who
> have left us.
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