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This is a very common complaint about the advertised capabilities of about
all scanners. I doubt if any can actually scan the transmission densities that
they claim in their specs. This is easily tested by doing as you did,
scanning a standard test tablet.

Mark Nelson
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> I don't know why I can't find this info on web... but people on this
> list probably know a lot about this topic.
> When I scan a step tablet and plot the pixel value in the raw scan
> TIFF file, the relation is good for some range but then it will crap
> out. With my scanner (I still use Epson Expression 1600 with TPU
> because I don't print from scanned negatives) the value craps out way
> below the advertised Dmax value in relation to transmission density.
> Did anyone measure this relation and care to share the info here?
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