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Hi Michael,

Soaking for 10 minutes in a 1-2% citric acid bath after exposure will
strengthen shadow values and extend the contrast range slightly
(approximately 1/2 stop). There are some indications, via Dr. Ware, that a
citric acid bath will cause fading and he now recommends using a 1%
hydrochloric or nitric acid bath instead.

As a side note, a solution of 40% citric acid (40gm in 100ml) can be added
directly to the sensitizer at ther rate of 1-5 drop(s) per ml of solution
for increased tonal (contrast) range of up to 2 stops. If you experience
problems with the sensitizer reacting adversely to a certain paper, adding
citric acid directly to the sensitizer before coating will help. I have
found that just 1 drop of 40% citric acid per ml of sensitizer allowed me to
print on papers where the sensitizer turned blue within 5 minutes of coating
(before drying).

Hope this helps, Scott

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> I'm using citric acid as my clearning agent for Cyano version II. In broad
> general terms what changes should I be seeing if I'm adding too much or
> little just before coating? More contrast? Loss of contrast? Fogging? etc.
> Currently, I'm adding .25ml for every 2 ml of sensitizer.
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