Re: scanning prints larger than ISO A4 size

From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/08/05-09:52:59 AM Z
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Some thoughts here...

If you're going to take photos of the image make absolutely sure
you're shooting spot-on preferably with a copy stand or else you'll
get trapezoidal/skew problems.

IMHO good digital cameras are infact *better* than flatbed scanners
for repro if you have the right setup. Sometimes I think the scanners
are *too* sensitive and bring out dust/junk that is nearly impossible
to keep completely off the platen. Not to mention the calibration
nightmares. The scanners with digital ICE are a little better.
Digital cameras what with their white balance, rgb profiles, etc, etc
make reproduction a cinch.

In saying that, scanners seem to better represent extreme detail in
the image. eg fine grain. Unless you have a 14N or something. :)

Good luck,

Alex Swain (fo)
Burlington, VT
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