Artist opportunity in Los Angeles

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Date: 03/07/05-07:59:44 PM Z
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Hey, all!

The L.A. transit system is looking for photographers to create display
works. High visibility, and $5,000 to do the work.

Here's a short paragraph from their announcement

/Metro Art invites artists working with photographic media to submit
proposals for temporary exhibitions to rotate between up to four highly
visible locations at Metro Rail stations in Downtown Los Angeles./

/The selected images will be reproduced as seven (7) 3' x 4'
photographic transparencies mounted in a series of seven (7) low
profile, back-lit boxes. Metro Art will cover the cost of printing the
images from large format transparencies or high-resolution digital files
into the desired larger format. Each artist's work will be displayed for
approximately one year at each of the four sites. Artists participating
in the program have included Robbert Flick, Eileen Cowin, Charles
LaBelle, Andrew Glickman, Walter Martin, Paloma Muņoz and Paul Groh./

And here's the URL:

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