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Date: 03/06/05-04:36:50 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> MARTINM wrote:
> >
> > > No, I didn't use acetone on both sides of the glass, but I'm not sure I
> > > understand the question.
> >
> > Sorry, I meant, did you treat all glasses with acetone (you said: "The wet
> > gum coating didn't stick as well to the silane-treated glass as it does to
> > plain glass ..."), the "plain glass" was also treated with acetone?
> Ah, you meant did I control for any possible acetone effect. (Thanks for
> clarification). No, when I said the silane-treated glass didn't keep
> the gum any better than plain glass, I was speaking of all my prior
> attempts to print on glass that's untreated except for cleaning and
> de-greasing, and on which I have been rather consistently unable to
> retain the crosslinked gum. But I'm still thinking that even if the
> acetone left impurities on the glass, wouldn't that be more of an issue
> for whether the silane bonded to the glass than for whether the gum
> bonded to the silane? Seems so to me.

I'm still thinking about this, and I can't see on reflection what using
the acetone by itself would tell me. I know that I have not been
successful at printing gum on cleaned and degreased but otherwise
untreated glass, and I know that I was not successful at printing gum on
silane-treated glass. It seems unlikely to me on the face of it that I
would be successful in printing gum on acetone-treated glass, because it
would not be any different functionally than plain untreated glass. So
if I put acetone on glass and let it evaporate, and then tried printing
gum on it, and failed, it wouldn't make sense to me to draw any
inference from that about impurities in the acetone interfering with the
ability of the silane to bond either with the glass or with the gum. The
more reasonable inference to be drawn from that hypothetical
observation, IMO, would be that I can't print gum on plain glass, which
I already knew.
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