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My personal experience with eBay and books is that they almost always sell
for significantly more than they should and I have personally never found a
book on eBay which couldn't be purchased easily somewhere else. Recently a
copy of The Silver Sunbeam sold for $125.00 when higher quality versions
were available for $45.00-75.00. A fine version of your referenced Alt
Process book below can be purchased for almost half of the current bid from
a reputable independent bookstore.

So the way you find them is through Abe Books ( Abe is an
online clearing house for books from over 13,000 independent book stores. I
have no connection with Abe or any of the bookstores, but firmly believe
this is one area that folks get taken to the cleaners on using eBay.

BTW, my above hypothesis may be in jeopardy since the Platinotype book
referenced below sells through Abe for $55.00-150.00. We'll have to see,
however, in 4 days at the end of the auction.


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Hi , I was scanning EPay and here are a couple of Alt books I found that
some of you may have some interest in...

Gum Book

Alt process book

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