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Date: 03/04/05-10:06:17 PM Z
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Potassium Oxalate
> Don, If you look at the chemical make up of Potassium Carbonate and Oxalic
> Acid add the bubbles (CO2) you end up with Potassium Oxalate. This is a
> very simple thing to do. I use kitty litter buckets to mix in but any ol'
> bucket will do. I leave plenty of room for the bubbles. If you order the
> chemicals from Artcraft, you'll save 1/6 the cost if you purchased Pot Ox,
> and if you can by it direct from a chemical supply,... Potassium Oxalate
> becomes VERY affordable.
> Have fun!

I have some 6 liter nalgene beakers that I will mix in. I've ordered the
Potassium Carbonate and Oxalic Acid from The Chemistry Store at very low
prices. The savings are indeed substantial.

Thanks for passing the info along.

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