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I built a floor to ceiling flat file out of plywood 10-15 years ago (a lot
of plywood!). I, too, was concerned about toxins and the prints. The files
are open-faced and I left it empty for some time (I have a dark cloth to
cover the front now). I lined all the shelves with fairly heavy water color

But, my real point here is the fact I store all my prints in archival
sleeves as well. There may be two or three prints in some of the sleeves -
but all prints are stored this way. They are crystal clear and also provide
excellent protection during handling and when showing loose prints. I get
them from:

Russell Norton (
PO Box 1070
New Haven, CT 06504
(203) 281-0066
-No email-

Sample prices:
8x10 - $45 for a case of 200
11x14 - $50 for a case of 100
16x20 - $140 for a case of 100
shipping within the lower 48 states is $4 per order.

Smaller sizes and smaller quantities are available.

Good luck down there in the land of hot and humid!

Tenants Harbor, Maine
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