Re: Home made Lenses ( soft focus )

From: Rodolpho Pajuaba ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/04/05-01:23:24 PM Z
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John Cremati escreveu:

>Examples of Tom Ferguson photos:
>Hi Tom,
> Wow! Your depth of field on those photos is almost nothing! Plus
>you have center focus and then it fades to the edges....... I think you got
>real lucky on that lens..... Is the effect controllable? Is this chemical
>focus or is it mechanical?
>John Cremati

When I read "Toy Portfolio" I thought it was related to some kind of
"Holga-like" "toy camera" images, more yet after have read what your
description of the pics. Then I saw the images, and they were of, er,
toys. But the pun was not intended, right?
congratulations, I like a lot this kind of technique. There is a
photographer whose work I like very much, called Mark Tucker, who made
something like this on a shuttered
Hasselblad:<> I tried this on a
Pentax 67 and a Mamiya 645, and it worked very well.
Rodolpho Pajuaba
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