Re: Re: Kyocera (Contax) to end camera production

Date: 03/04/05-09:43:39 AM Z
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Jeremy Moore said:

> saw a 'vintage' (pre-digineg pd/pt) print at the Afterimage Gallery
>this week and will be going to see more of your work at the Sun and Moon
>Gallery on Friday :)

Hope to see you at Keith Walklet's opening this evening at Sun to Moon
too! Keith's color work is beautiful.

By the way, any prints of mine that you see at Afterimage are there on
consignment from other collectors, as I pulled my work from that gallery
in 2003 owing to $$$ issues (you know what that means when we're talking

What image did you see? I bet it was from a digineg, albeit an early one,
circa 1995. Did it have a boat and volcano in it?

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