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> I just got a copy of "Amatuer Lens Making". After
> briefley reviewing
> it , my only comment is that you should not quit your day
> job.
> Every grinding and polishing process requires a
> machined tool for
> the job ........ The tool needs to be mounted on a machine
> able to revolve
> the glass and or grinding tool.......... It is quite
> involved not only
> making the lenses but there are complex instruments used
> for testing them
> as well..... Then there is the machining skills needed to
> mount
> them......... The book how ever is a great book loaded
> with diagrams on how
> to go about things should you have a mind to .....
> .John Cremati
   Its easier to make mirrors for telescopes. This can be
done by hand with relatively simple equipment. Anyone
intrested in optics or astronomy shuold investigate it.
There are many amateur astronomy clubs who include telescope
making in their activities and will help.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA 
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