RE: Print Clear Print on right side.

From: Don Bryant ^lt;>
Date: 03/02/05-09:58:37 PM Z
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> It might also be helpful to cut a corner in the appropriate place on all
> sheets in advance -- an extra reminder.
> J.

I might just add this. On the 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of Ultrafine Clear Film,
the white strip has the following printed in three different languages,
"Print Other Side."

The 13x19 and 11x17 sheets don't have such a warning, but even with a gloved
hand it is very apparent which is the receptor side, so the saliva test
shouldn't be needed.

Having mentioned that, I've still managed to print on the wrong side once.
The image had the appearance of melted Jell-O, something I think some gum
printers would love.

Don Bryant
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