Single coat Gum Print..Negative aspects

From: davidhatton ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/30/05-05:23:26 AM Z
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Hi All,

Please bear with me as I know that my request may be regarded as the
ramblings of a demented idiot. I have been attempting to create a single
coat gum portrait ( of her not me) as a gift for my daughter. Problem is
see, I can't do it! And I've opened my big mouth now so..

I need to know what an inverted negative for a successful single coat
gum print. I don't need to see the finished product (thought that would
be nice) I just need to get a 'feel' for how the thing should look. I
don't really understand when people say ' use a negative that would
print well on grade two paper' or 'the density range should be log 1.17'
etc. These things mean nothing to me as I am a moron. Could someone take
pity on me, decipher this request and post such an image somewhere on
the web? I have already used enough gum to effect futures for the next
million years..

Thanks in advance,

David H

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