Re: What is the most saleable print size?

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This is a difficult question, because each image has its own positioning.
Expansive views can cover a wall, or become an intimate view through a small

I have had personal luck with small, 5X7 and 8X10 contact prints. My 11X14
enlargements from 35mm sell better than my 16X20. I sold many 32X40
computer enlargements, too; but the most profit were from my small
platinum/pladium prints. Both the 4X5 contacts and 5X7 were great sellers.
They sold at auction, they sold in the gallery, they were traded and resold
at great profit.

I think it depends on the picture.

Moreover, how can you take advise when you haven't really described your
subject and medium.

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Subject: What is the most saleable print size?

>I would like to get some input from various Alt list members as to what do
> they think their most saleable print size is.....Please list the process
> your talking about as well....
> I have heard in the past that the big prints , sell the little prints....
> Do
> you think that is true?
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