RE: Jobo 3000-Series 8x20 Film Drum (semi-OT)

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Well, I'm half-way there. I have a 3063 drum, but not the insert they talk
about. Ken Owen's description doesn't bring to mind exactly what I
pictured, but I'm sure it must be the same sort of device. I guess I'll
have to contact Jobo corporate to see what they might be able to do.

Regarding the shut-down of Jobo USA, the e-mail I got back from them said
they were closing in three weeks, and most of the folks there were already
gone, including the person who had details on the inserts. The person I was
e-mailing with also said the units I was looking for had been discontinued
and were no longer available.

Another one bites the proverbial dust.

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On Tuesday 28 June 2005 14:40, Schuyler Grace wrote:
> I contacted Jobo USA today about getting a quote on one of these units and
> learned Jobo USA is closing in three weeks (news to me, but perhaps, old
> news to most) and they don't have any information on the drums. Assuming
> may no longer be able to purchase one of these things new, does anyone
> one they could describe to me? For some reason, I have a picture in my
> head of one of their print drums with a plastic grid inside to hold the
> film, and I was thinking I might be able to make one myself.

        It would be a 3063 print drum with a custom insert. Not the more
common 2800
type drums.

        Scroll down and read the piece by Ken Owen.

        What is happening to Jobo in North America then? Will it still be

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